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Clickable display only item in oracle apex 5.0.4

You can use Jquery to achieve the same.

Let's take a look at below example.

Function and Global Variable Declaration
  1. $(function(){  
  2.     $('#P50_CLICK_DISPLAY').on('click'function(){  
  3.       $("#P50_HIDE").hide();  
  4.       $("#P50_SHOW").show();  
  5.       $("#P50_HIDE_LABEL").hide();    
  6.       $("#P50_SHOW_LABEL").show();   
  7.     })      
  8. })  

Three  items in same region(Static). here P50_CLICK_DISPLAY is a display only item and it's value is static. There are two more item which is Hide and Show.

Now, initially p50_show will be hidden on page load and p50_hide will be displayed.When user clicks on display only item's value then p50_show will be displayed and p50_hide will be hidden.

Execute when Page Loads
  1.  $("#P50_SHOW").hide();  
  2.  $("#P50_SHOW_LABEL").hide();  

Here we have hide the Label as well as item.
This can be done without using DA which is more convenient way in this scenario.

  1. #P50_CLICK_DISPLAY {   
  2.         text-decorationunderline;  
  3.         -webkit-text-decoration-colorred;  
  4.         -moz-text-decoration-colorred;  /* vendor prefix not required as of V36 */  
  5.          colorred;  
  6. }  

If you want to  redirect you can use :

$('#P50_CLICK_DISPLAY').wrap('<a href="Link_url"></a>') ;

Page : 50
Credentials : test/test

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